Page rank is the holy grail of online marketing and SEO. Everyone wants and needs good page rank in order to experience the many positives that come with it. Yet considering how often Google changes its algorithms, actually achieving high page rank could be a never-ending quest, certainly one that keeps all companies who offer SEO expert services on their toes.

Thanks to some recently released SEO information from Google, as Google has pointed to three main factors that its current search engines look for when determining page rank. Some things are not much different and even expected; however, SEO companies who offer their expert services should pay attention to the third important factor referenced.  It plays an essential part in generating page rank. Although these are not the only elements that Google’s search algorithms consider when determining page rank, they are the top three on the list as suggested by Google itself, so it is important to pay close attention to them.

1. Quality Website Content

The idea of high quality web content is one that Google has been pushing for some time, with its priority being providing the best user experience. Google wants websites that rank well to have something of value to offer to viewers in terms of original, informative, correct, and accessible content. At this point, every website should be striving to provide all of this type of SEO, since Google has been penalizing websites with inferior content for quite a while.

2. Quality Inbound Links

Other essential factors that also have not changed much over the past few years of Google’s attempts to clean up the web are quality inbound links from other respected websites.  Such links create instant recognition that this website is trustworthy. Google likes high-quality links, since it helps weed out the junk pages on other websites. Like content, links should be nothing new in the process of generating expert SEO and page rank.

3. The RankBrain Variable

RankBrain is where things get a little more serious, since this is a fairly new concept introduced by Google last fall. Essentially, RankBrain is Google’s own version of artificial intelligence that helps their search engine determine what a user wants to see based on a specific search, search history, and other details about that user. RankBrain is constantly interpreting the way searchers use the Internet, trying to provide the best possible results for each specific user. This affects websites and expert SEO services, as it is more important than ever to actually be the website a user wants to see. Based on user searches, the sites they visit and read, and other actions, RankBrain’s job is to find top quality websites that match the searcher’s queries.

At this point, good SEO services should already be including the highest quality content and attracting quality inbound links through various marketing campaigns. As far as RankBrain is concerned, it is important to consider all the other ways a website could be deemed more valuable to its targeted audience, then work to perfect those features. The better a website attracts its target audience, the higher the chance that RankBrain will notice this site and present it high in the SERPs for matched searches. It seems that pagerank still depends on having the most user-friendly, optimized, and targetable website possible!

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