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The use of mobile devices continues to grow every year, with mobile search increasing at a faster pace than desktop search. Unfortunately, there are still many businesses not using the best search engine optimization on mobile while achieving great SEO on desktop. SEO with mobile devices can be tricky, as there are many different qualities that affect traffic, including what Google terms “mobile friendliness.” To avoid mobile search problems, search engine optimization services must optimize specifically for mobile devices for maximum SEO results.

Choose the Best Way to Serve Content

A simple, easily used, and responsive website design that caters to desktop and mobile usage is still the preferred option for content, although it may not always be feasible. When it is not possible, a business has two main choices: a dedicated mobile website or an app, each choice with its own pros and cons. Which of these options is most appropriate will greatly depend upon the site and its audience; however, the goal must always be mobile user friendliness. The more user friendly a site is for mobile, the higher Google will rank it.

Design for Mobile

Since it is recognized that Google rewards mobile friendly websites, the right design elements are extremely important in generating great mobile search engine optimization. Flash and pop-ups should be avoided, as many don't work on mobile platforms and can decrease the length of time a user is on a site, since many mobile searches are done for an immediate search in response to an immediate need.

On the other hand, it is no longer necessary to avoid JavaScript, video, or images from mobile sites, as current technology handles them well. Video and images are even preferred on many mobile sites, since this type of content frequently receives more attention than text on mobile.

Site layout should be simple and easy to use to reduce mobile usage frustration. Navigation should offer fewer options, use larger buttons, and offer an ultra-efficient search method. On apps and mobile-only sites, a link to the main website should be included for users who prefer to use the standard version of the website rather than a mobile version.

Optimize for Mobile Search

Standard SEO methods used by most search engine optimization services are also important for mobile search and should be included in the same ways. Yet there are some optimization elements that hold greater value with mobile search. Short, concise meta titles and descriptions are extremely important, as there is less screen space; a shorter line won't run off the screen. Optimizing sites for local search is extremely important, as a large percentage of searches done on mobile devices pertain to local businesses.

Mobile site developers can improve search engine optimization by keeping things user friendly while still pleasing Google at the same time. With the right choice in mobile site layout and design as well as close attention to all the details that make mobile search easier, search engine optimization services can improve mobile site performance significantly. Conforming to Google’s definition of a mobile friendly website, mobile sites will be given higher priority in the mobile SERPs and climb higher in the search result listings!

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