Good marketing campaigns are an essential part of ensuring that every online business has the best chance possible of achieving the customers and sales they need. Today, social media marketing is an important part of this; however; it can be challenging to show clients their current plan results let alone convince them of which marketing plan will work best for them. Providing a way for clients to visualize marketing data is an important job missed by many design and marketing firms, even when doing so can be a great help for marketing. When clients understand what they are seeing through good data visualization, they can better accept the various marketing ideas that can bring them business success.

Why Data Visualization Matters

Online marketing is all about trial and error, experimentation, and measuring the results. By gathering and analyzing various data, web designers and marketers can learn how certain website changes, targeting, social media, and other factors affect marketing. This information can then be used to make positive changes. When presented as raw numbers, marketing specialists have no trouble understanding the results; however, business clients may not understand it at all. Providing data in a more visual way lets clients see what is happening based on a few different factors and conditions.  This helps them understand the data well enough to work confidently with marketers and make decisions about their websites and marketing campaigns to improve results.

Using the Right Visualizations

There are many ways that marketers can create visual data for their clients, including line graphs, bar and pie charts, infographics, and other ways that easily illustrate the point to be demonstrated to a client. By determining the purpose of the data being shown; whether it is for comparison, analyzation, or purely information, marketers can determine the purpose of the data and choose an suitable graphic. Thankfully, creating important visual data for marketing help is easier than ever because of the variety of programs available. While infographics may be a bit more complex and require some design skills, creating charts and graphs is simple with the right applications and a familiarity with these apps.

Creating the Best Graphics

Using the right type of visualization is important for the most effective data presentation of data;  however, it is also necessary to create the informative, visually pleasing, and easy to interpret graphics as well. Beyond crafting a good infographic or pie chart, marketers must follow some important rules to properly present their information in a professional and effective way.

Choosing the right data to present in a social media marketing campaign is essential to relay the desired message as is using good labels and definitions. Graphics should use standard design elements to make them more visual and guide a reader’s eye to important infographics areas. Simultaneously, marketing graphics also need to tell a story or deliver a message in as simple a fashion as possible without losing the viewer getting in unimportant details.

Providing an easy way for clients to interpret marketing data is one of the best marketing help strategies to use. When complicated social media marketing and other marketing information is broken down into easy to understand graphics and charts, business clients can actually see how their marketing plans are performing. When clients understand the data being shown to them, marketers have greater success in developing the best marketing plans for that company and website!

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