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LinkedIn is one of the most important social media sites for B2B, a great place for professional networking. It is also an excellent source of important contacts that can help grow a business. The problem appears to be that LinkedIn is not a great platform for social media marketing due to its smaller, more specific audience.

Facebook (and to a lesser degree, Google Ads) is definitely the leader when it comes to social media marketing services, offering more than either LinkedIn or Google Adwords in terms of audience size and targeted advertising capabilities. Therefore, the question becomes whether there is any way to use LinkedIn contacts on either of these platforms.

Using LinkedIn Contacts For Targeting Audiences

By using the following method, social media marketing services can take the contacts collected on LinkedIn and combine them with the custom ad targeting capabilities available on Facebook and Google Adwords. This technique offers a way to target audiences that are already ideal potential customers so that ads get to the right people. Follow the step-by-step guide listed below:

  1. Export Contacts - Export LinkedIn contacts by going here. Download contacts as a .csv file to be used to upload LinkedIn contacts to the Facebook or Google Adwords advertising platform. This is what allows customizing LinkedIn emails to the desired target audience.
  2. The.csv File - Open, Review, and Organize - It is a good idea to open the .csv file of contacts to review and organize them into the desired target audience. Remove any names or titles that should not be a part of this advertising group, or only keep those titles or groups of contacts that are of most interest.
  3. Upload Contacts to Custom Audiences Group - After reviewing the .csv file sourced from LinkedIn, and ensuring only the desired contacts remain, upload email contacts by copying and pasting into Custom Audience group in both Facebook and Google Adwords. Read more about Custom Audiences on Facebook here. Note that if the Custom Audience group created has fewer emails than those actually uploaded, it means those extra emails submitted are not currently associated with a Facebook or Google Adwords account.
  4. Run Custom Audiences Ad - After uploading contacts, wait for the Custom Audience to be marked “ready,” indicating these contacts have been loaded into the filter and the ad can be successfully marketed. Run selected ads to the custom targeted group at that point.

This simple formula for creating a powerful custom advertising filter is a great way for social media marketing to achieve optimal results by easily targeting contacts most likely to become customers. Targeting in this way can be much more successful than cold targeting, since there has already been previous social contact with the targeted group. Best of all, this simple way of filtering custom groups allows social media marketing services to fine tune any marketing campaign so they can reach those with the most interest based on the product, the campaign, or any other specifications.

By using this effective social media marketing technique, companies can easily increase brand awareness with the most desired audience as well as improve ROI almost effortlessly!

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