When lead generation websites fail to generate leads that actually convert, SEO consultants need to take a closer look at what is - and is not - happening. There are many reasons why these sites may not be producing leads, so identifying those reasons is essential. Conversion rate optimization is the process of determining why leads do not convert and finding ways to correct the issues preventing conversions.

By using this important type of marketing help, companies using SEO consultants should be able to increase conversions on ad and retargeting campaigns by correcting the issues that drive leads away, rather than prompting them to complete the conversion process.

What Is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Simply stated, conversion rate optimization is website optimization that directly relates to increasing conversions from leads brought in by a lead generation website. The goal of conversion rate optimization is to increase the number of conversions.  This is done by removing reasons why leads do not convert as well as improving the quality of leads that come in via retargeting and other advertising and traffic generation methods. Higher traffic and lower conversions means increased costs, so finding the way to increase conversions and lower costs is essential for successful lead generation websites.

Why Don't Leads Convert?

The most important part of conversion rate optimization is to consider the reasons why a reader would go to a website from a lead generation page, then fail to actually convert. By analyzing traffic and conversion data while taking a closer look at the website itself, SEO consultants can identify various reasons why a viewer would be interested enough to click on a lead generation page but not convert.

Of the many reasons why this happens, some of the more significant ones include: lack of a functioning mobile-friendly website; page loading speed; forms that are too long; and poor website navigation. These are main reasons why website visitors are distracted enough to leave, rather than convert. Other things to consider are:  a website and brand’s reputation and credibility; poor presentation of content; poor readability; or any other design issue that is preventing viewers from actually completing a conversion.

Important Points in Conversion Rate Optimization

To increase conversion rates from viewers who already display a degree of interest, consider the errors referenced above as well as what can make a viewer more confident in a brand and what is being offered to them. Develop and display credibility and trust; allow viewers to see how many other clients or customers were served and satisfied with testimonials. Provide clear and informative About Me pages, Calls to Action, and Contact information. In order to turn a lead into a conversion, all website mechanics must work and leads need to feel that they are making the right decision. 

It must be clear to viewers that they are dealing with a reputable company that will deliver on its promises, can be reached, and are easy to work with should there be any issues.

The important thing to remember is that lead generation websites will not perform if there are any issues that prevent leads from turning into conversions. Through careful analysis of website data and a close website examination to spot any issues that could be driving traffic away, conversion rate optimization is necessary marketing help to reduce any present issues. Conversion rate optimization techniques can be used by SEO consultants to correct conversion problems and increase conversion numbers for lead generation websites!

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