Can you believe that Twitter has turned ten? Launched in March, 2006, the innovative social media platform has officially celebrated ten years of Tweets, and keeping people engaged. Besides being one of the most popular social media sites today, Twitter has accomplished another important feat in its ten years by significantly changed social media marketing, as well. Marketing has come a long way in the past decade, and as any social media marketing company surely knows, Twitter has had a lot to do with paving the way for successful marketing via social media.

Twitter for Business

Although Twitter came about as a means for people to stay socially connected, it quickly became apparent that it could be a very valuable tool for businesses as well. Social media’s entire purpose is to be seen by specific people; and with the right targeting, Twitter has become an important way for businesses to do just that, and attract followers. As part of a full online marketing campaign, social sites like Twitter and Facebook have become an essential way for a company to spread their message, gaining them a lot of free, and important exposure. Therefore, Twitter is more than just a casual, social website, it is a critical way for a company to bring in more business.

Twitter Changed Online Marketing Landscape

In the past decade, Twitter has done amazing things for social media marketing, and the businesses using the site as follows:

  • Increased Brand Recognition - Brand recognition is a critical part of online marketing; and with Twitter, increasing that recognition is easy. An official business account that Tweets often, and interacts with mentions, hashtags, and followers, gets a company’s name out there, creating memorable experiences.
  • Increased Ability to Post Content - As Twitter has evolved, the platform has gotten better and better, now enabling accounts to post links to content, as well as images and videos, right within the Twitter feed. This is extremely important for providing interesting content to mobile users, who only have to login to their Twitter feed to see all of this.
  • Increased Interaction with Followers - Social media is meant to be social. Twitter gives a company a convenient, but very popular way to be social with followers, and attract more followers. Interaction on Twitter is easy and free, offering more bang for the buck than most other social media websites. Paid advertising puts a brand in front of targeted users, further increasing social interaction, and the number of followers. The more active a brand is with their Twitter account, the more retweets they generate, which expands their reach and their ability to interact with followers even more.

Naturally, the benefit of this is increased conversions, none of which would be possible without great brand recognition, and a company’s ability to interact directly with social media users. This is especially true considering the way that people view the Internet today, with over 50 percent of users accessing the net strictly on mobile devices. Twitter is where the users are, and an important place for companies to be as well.

After ten years of Tweeting, it is easy to see that Twitter has become much more than just a social website for posting funny photos, or keeping friends up to date on what’s happening in life. Social media marketing took a great leap into the future with Twitter, which has become an essential part of every company’s online marketing essentials. With the many ways that Twitter helps brands do business, one thing is certain - any company not already using Twitter needs to up their game, and talk to a social media marketing company about getting started!

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