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I have to admit, this article's title is a little misleading. You might think that it's possible that I might be on the fence regarding remarketing - I'm not. I am totally for remarketing - and you'll see why below.

OK - So What Is Remarketing?

For the newbies to Internet Marketing, remarketing is simply ads that follow you around when you go to a website. Up until four years or so ago, remarketing was only for the big players. You know, Amazon, Wal-Mart, etc. Well, Google and Facebook changed the landscape. Remarketing was released at a price point with tools that us "small" folks could use. And it worked great!

When it was first released, our agency jumped right on it. First we started with Google and their massive network. If someone came to one of our sites, I treated it like a spider does with a massive net and followed them for the maximum amount of days and maximum amount of sites possible. I started getting comments from prospective clients that my ads were everywhere: CNN, FOX, Weather Channel, ESPN. You name it and we were there.

Then Facebook came around with their retargeting - they just had to name it differently. So my ads followed my prospects around on the above websites - AND Facebook! My ads were everywhere!

So What's the Rub Bub?

I have people, including my own clients, tell me day in and day out that remarketing just doesn't work. What a load of horse manure! My leads and prospects will tell you differently.

If you come to one of my sites, my ads will follow you around until you really want my services. Flat out. In fact, the simple fact that you're reading this right now means that you're going to see my ads on Fox, CNN, ESPN, Weather Channel, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest - you name it. My ads will haunt you until you call me.

What's my conversion rate - who cares? I'm generating leads, day in and day out. I see way too many people get caught up in conversion rates on remarketing ads. In my opinion, as long as leads and sales are being generated - keep those suckers running!

Listen Up!

If you spent money to get people to your site, freaking follow them. Haunt them. Stalk them. Whatever it takes to make the sale. Never, ever in history has marketing worked so well. Seriously. When I started in the marketing world almost 20 years ago, I would never have imagined that if someone came to my website, I could follow them around the Internet with my ads until they called me.

But here's the kicker - not only can I follow people around from site to site - I can follow them around from device to device. You read that right. If you come to my site on a mobile, and chances are you will), I'm going to follow you on mobile, tablet, desktop and everything you touch on the Internet. Yes, that's a little creepy - but who cares?

Even as recently as 10 years ago, that was ludicrous. But you know what? As a marketer, I would have jumped on it the first time I heard about it! I still get little goose bumps thinking about remarketing and it's possibilities.

So Why Do People Give Up on Remarketing?

Man, I really don't know. I think it's mainly because they want a 80% conversion rate or something - who knows? You know what?


Yes I just shouted.


I shouted again. I'm going to say this once - if your offer sucks, you will never get the lead or sale. Your conversion rates will always suck. You will have to live with a .4% conversion rate on your website, landing page, ads, whatever. *BTW - 10% conversion rates and above are awesome; but you need a really good offer to make that happen. If your offer is a "Complimentary Consultation" - it's never, ever going to happen.

However, I digress. This article's about Remarketing Ads and whether you should run them or not. I'll write some other time about offers and how important they are.

Should You Run Remarketing Ads??

My answer - yes, Yes, YES, HECK YES!! Run them 'til the cows come home! Run them until your audience tells you to stop - then run them some more!! Run them on every platform out there that allows remarketing.

Want to know why? I do and more importantly - your competition does. And if they do, they're getting your leads and sales. All because you didn't believe it works.

So if you want leads and sales from your website and ultimately want to grow your business - run remarketing ads.

'Nuff said!

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