Developing a productive website that is user-friendly and can be optimized requires understanding how web design affects SEO. It is easy to fall into the trap of using inferior DIY website builders that seem to offer many benefits rather than hire a good designer and SEO consultant; however, you may discover later when SEO efforts fail that those websites were not actually optimized. For the best results, a website owner should work with the best SEO company in College Station Texas as website performance greatly affects conversion rates – and that requires a properly optimized web design.

SEO and Web Code

One of the most important things that effective SEO companies must do to have a crawlable website is to optimize the code used to build the site. Skilled designers know that every page on a site must be individually optimized with meta-tags, keywords, and more to help Google spiders find a page faster, rank it more rapidly, and rank it more relevantly. On the other hand, DIY website builders treat the entire website as one long page, since it is easier to code that way and saves server space.

This is counterproductive and totally eliminates good SEO results! Without separate meta-tags, keywords, and design elements created for separate, individual pages, a website indexes as one long page. A website needs to rank each page on its own, with separate page identity and ranking ability. In other words, it is almost impossible for anyone to achieve good SEO with a website built this way, which is why the best optimization starts in the basic design phase with the best SEO company in College Station.

Avoid SEO Mistakes

It is important to know what affects website optimization and how to use it for better SEO and to have a workable, user-friendly design. This means using responsive web design and avoiding design elements that work against SEO – like code-heavy features, flash elements, and poorly designed site maps and navigational menus. This alone is why using the best College Station TX SEO company is vital in order to avoid mistakes that can ultimately cost a business more than might be saved up front by using a DIY website builder.

Navigation is essential for good SEO, as it is used by web crawlers and website visitors. An individual web page gets crawled via its URL, which requires having a clean, short navigational route. This must be done during the actual design phase of a website – and another reason why using a knowledgeable and efficent College Station SEO company cannot be overemphasized.

A DIY website builder may provide the option of navigation or a sitemap; however, this only works as a means of locating a particular section of code on that one, long page. It does not act as a true navigational menu or sitemap, which is significant considering that longer pages with more code take longer to index.

It is easy to be wooed by the easy interface provided by some of the popular site builders and website templates available today. From a web design professional – PLEASE – before making a decision this important just to save money, consider the fact that although the best SEO company in College Station may cost more to hire, it is with good reason and well worth the cost. Skilled designers understand current SEO and how to integrate it into the design of a website to create a product that does everything it needs to without any unnecessary loss of optimization!

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