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Social media marketing has quickly become an important part of all online marketing services. Considering the massive reach of platforms such as Facebook, it is easy to understand why many companies advertise on this site. Unfortunately for social media marketing services, Facebook continues to change how ads and other content appear on the site, making it harder for social media ads to be seen by organic traffic. To combat this, it is more important than ever that social media marketing campaigns be targeted to reach the most appropriate viewers.

Succeeding with Facebook Ads

Many have used Facebook ads, with mixed results.  In a recent announcement by Facebook, it was stated that they have again changed how their news feed is presented. Companies that have relied on their ads being seen and shared by others are now facing the fact that this is happening much less due to these new news feed parameters. It is still possible to have success on Facebook with social media marketing services; however, such success depends on good targeting, now more than ever 

Despite these changes and the fact that Facebook ads have been used many times in the past, many people still do not realize that Facebook offers extensive ad targeting tools. Although Facebook is technically making it more difficult for some to reach the right people, it still offers an effective means for a company to target customers. Facebook must cooperate with companies and their social media marketing campaigns to some degree because if a company does not see results when advertising on Facebook, they will stop their advertising campaigns.

The answer, and the best way for companies to improve their social media marketing efforts, is to actually use the ad targeting functions made available to them.

Targeting Audiences with Facebook

Many different options exist nside the Facebook advertising platform to help advertisers target specific audiences. All a business must do is use them. Targeting can be done based on audience demographics such as age, location and financial status and by using interests, employment, industry type, and much more. Facebook targeting can be based on a user's purchase history; supported charities; and the technology they use.

Targeting can also be achieved according to who interacts with a page, friend relationships, and users who attend events or use a certain app. Businesses can now import contact lists from other social platforms and find those users on Facebook, then create specific target filters so they see the ads.

Although Facebook continues to make getting organic traffic more difficult, those who offer social media marketing services, still have options for successful Facebook ad campaigns. The best way for a company to get great results from a social media marketing campaign as well as with Facebook ads is to explore and use the extensive list of targeting tools Facebook offers. In comparison to what is required to target audience ads on other platforms including Google, the Facebook advertising platform can be much easier to use and be successful.

Businesses that have been relying on the Facebook news feed to bring organic traffic must go back and learn to target more effectively by using the Facebook advertising platform instead!

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