Retargeting websites has become an important technique for website developers to target desired audiences, and increase conversions. Search retargeting applies the basic principles of web retargeting to searches from a different point of origination, helping websites gain both improved SEO and increased web traffic and conversions. With search retargeting, website traffic is attracted based on a user’s search terms, not just previous visits to a particular website.  In order to gain the best SEO and benefit from this technique, it is important to avoid a few mistakes that are commonly made using search retargeting.

What Is Search Retargeting?

Search retargeting is based on a user's organic searches, not just on specific websites that have been visited. With this technique, website owners pay for advertising that appears to users who search for certain terms and perform certain behaviors with ads that keep reappearing as users continue to search, including visits to other websites that host advertising.

The Effectiveness of Search Retargeting

While search retargeting is directed to those who have already visited a website, its main benefit is that it also displays ads to those who have not yet visited a website, yet have searched related keywords. Studies on the efficiency of search retargeting suggest that websites have as much as a 70% chance to convert viewers that see a focused ad directed toward them than without retargeting. Additionally, user conversions drawn in by repeatedly seeing a website’s ad in this fashion tend to spend more money than those drawn in from ads on websites that are not actually retargeted.

Search Retargeting Mistakes to Avoid

To get the most from advertising dollars and search retargeting campaigns, it is important to avoid the following retargeting mistakes:

  • Don’t Retarget Only One Keyword - As with other techniques used to generate best SEO results that rely on more than one single keyword, research keywords and plan search retargeting on the best ones. Run a keyword level performance report to determine which keywords are likely to be most effective for the marketing campaign, and incorporate those into search remarketing.
  • Don’t Ignore the Competition - As a side note to the need for good keyword research, don’t ignore the need to study the competition, especially any ranking keywords being used. Add those terms and data into search retargeting and other marketing campaigns for broader keyword coverage.
  • Don’t Promote Ad Burnout - In its most basic definition, ad burnout is when the viewer stops paying attention to display or banner ads after seeing the same ones or types over and over again. To avoid such a situation, plan marketing so that personalized, dynamic advertisements generate in a variety of forms based on actual viewer reading, demographics and past web surfing history to keep things new, interesting, and attention-grabbing.
  • Don’t Forget to Compare Campaign Data - When using multiple marketing campaign ideas to generate the best SEO, it is essential to compare results and combine efforts. Search remarketing should take into consideration the results that PPC campaigns are generating, and vice-versa, to more thoroughly reach the right audiences.

As with all parts of SEO, there is no one technique that will work for all websites to achieve the best SEO results; however, with a good understanding of multiple techniques, marketing can be very effective. Search retargeting offers greater efficiency for advertising campaigns designed to get ads in front of people based on their search terms.  When done the right way, this technique can effectively increase conversions and sales!

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