Call tracking is a tool used by many web marketers to follow the source of phone calls and determine whether their SEO campaigns are working. The object in tracking this information is to establish the best SEO. Some argue that call tracking is harmful, rather than helpful to SEO efforts. After some detailed study, one firm found this is not the case, although using call tracking the correct way can be tricky. To benefit from call tracking, a company should work with the best SEO expert services who understand how it works, and most importantly, know how to correctly implement it, so it helps SEO efforts – rather than hurting them.

How Does Call Tracking Help SEO?

To understand how call tracking works, it is essential to know exactly what it is and what it is supposed to do. Call tracking is a means online marketers can use to track various marketing campaigns and gauge results, as well as gather other types of information. It works by tracking the phone number that generates calls, allowing marketers to see how many people call as well as other important demographic information, all of which is very useful in generating the best SEO possible by targeting the right audiences. When used correctly, this has no negative effect on SEO, and helps by providing more information to create better marketing strategies. It provides a more detailed view of what type of people are interested in certain campaigns, which can help a business know how to more effectively market their products and company as a whole.

When Call Tracking Hurts SEO

As call tracking has become a more popular marketing tool, many have had bad experiences, including a reduction in search engine optimization with its use. The reason this happens is because the very basis of call tracking goes against one of the most important aspects in building local SEO with Google – NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number). For best search engine optimization, NAP needs to be the same everywhere. Therefore, it stands to reason that call tracking campaigns that utilize a different phone number as part of their tracking method deviates from norm. Using a different phone number in different campaigns, on different web pages and different directory listings, may cause a reduction in SEO. There is a simple way around this; unfortunately, many of even the best SEO consultants fail to use it.

DNI and Call Tracking

The best SEO companies know the correct way to use call tracking, without a substantial loss of local optimization, is by using DNI (Dynamic Number Insertion) on every web page. DNI can work in many different ways, depending on how it is applied. Its function is to allow different phone numbers to display on website and directory listings so that Google reads as a company’s main, NAP phone number. It is simply applied by using a single line of JavaScript that is put into the code on a web page and shows a phone number. When used accurately, a company can track their SEO campaign with ease and without negative SEO impact.

There are important benefits that a skilled online SEO marketing company can gain when using different phone numbers as part of their marketing efforts to generate the best SEO for their client. Utilizing a DNI script is a critical part of getting such results without negatively affecting the best search engine optimization efforts. Companies who require call tracking are encouraged to develop viable campaigns with the best SEO expert services who understand call tracking, and how to use DNI to make it work!

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