Online advertising is an important part of achieving the best SEO for certain companies who spend top dollar to develop the best online marketing campaigns. Exposure to the right audience is an essential part of getting the best search engine optimization. This requires skilled ad marketing techniques, including “retargeting.” With retargeting, not only does a company stand to gain improved SEO, but they can also stretch their advertising dollars, with exposure that is more likely to result in conversions.

What Is Retargeting?

Retargeting is an SEO advertising technique used to generate interest based on a user’s past interactions with a brand, whether that interaction is having visited that brand’s website, or having made a purchase. With retargeting, banner ads are shown to users who have visited or purchased from a company’s website previously, increasing the chance of a repeat visit – and repeat sale. When users have already interacted with a website in some way, chances are high they may interact with it again when shown that brand’s ad.

How Does Retargeting Work?

With the inclusion of a simple web script called a “retargeting pixel,” a website “cookies” the users that visit it, then finds those same users when they perform a similar search. At that time, banner ads of interest are shown to that user in hopes of drawing them back to the website. Retargeting pixels can be used to target a variety of users with different campaigns and are easily tracked to monitor effectiveness. Those who convert by actually clicking onto a website, trigger a different action called a “burn pixel.” This removes that user from that pixel’s audience, but can also cause another pixel to show a different ad campaign. This technique works best when there is already an existing audience, so it is a very useful part of a good SEO campaign. However, it does require other methods to generate an audience to begin with.

How Retargeting Improves SEO

The simplest way retargeting helps create the best search engine optimization is by increasing repeat website traffic, which has a higher value than just increased traffic. It controls advertising spending by putting specific ads in front of specific users, those who are more likely to convert by clicking the link and visiting the site again. It also works with click-through and view-through users, bringing the most people back to a website. Revisits increase everything from possible sales conversions, to site reputation, and more.

Retargeting is a valuable method that can be used to gain the best SEO; however, it does require active management to control the various campaigns. It is recommended that a retargeting campaign be set up with the expertise of experienced SEO companies to attain the best search engine optimization results. Combined with other audience targeting and marketing methods, a business should see an increase in their focused site traffic, sign-ups, and sales – which is the main goal of any online marketing campaign!

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