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Last week, Chris briefly touched on opt-in offers and why you need a good one if you don’t want your conversion rate to be .04%. I’m here to talk more about that subject.

What’s In An Offer?

If your first thought is to offer a Complimentary Consultation, the answer is no. Your offer needs to be good, something you would like if you were the customer, something that makes your company stand out from your competitor. It needs to be something of value.

What’s something that you can give away to your visitor? I grew up on a farm, so I follow some gardening and homesteading sites. This one I like, The Prairie Homestead, has an offer for a 5-Step Homesteading Action Plan.

Here’s some other common offers:

  • Checklists
  • White Papers (hint, use your blogs to make a white paper)
  • Sign up and get 10% off your next order
  • Case Studies
  • 5 (or whatever number) Step Plan
  • 10 (or any number under 10) Minute Audit

What happens after they sign up for your offer? You’ve got their email address and now you can email market and remarket them on Facebook and Google. Muahaha!

What’s Not An Offer?

A Complimentary Consultation is not an offer. No one cares. If you and everyone else offer complimentary consultations, what sets your consultation apart from Company B’s complimentary consultation? I’m harping on complimentary consultation because I see that used a lot as an opt-in offer. It’s old and outdated, which is saying something because I’m not very old. Something that doesn’t provide immediate value is not an offer.

Here's An Example

Let's look at an imaginary interior designer. Let’s say there’s an offer for a Complimentary Consultation. The designer comes over and talks about painting my living room yellow for an hour and that’s all I get. What a waste of time! I’m not going to be happy and I’m certainly not going to use this designer.

Now let’s say a different interior designer has an offer for a free download with current color trends and accent colors. I’d be all over that. I’d sign up and download the offer. Now that interior designer has my email address and can send me newsletters with current blogs as well as any upcoming promotions. If this interior designer is doing it right, I’d start seeing their ads everywhere I go because they’re remarketing me.

If your current offer is a Complimentary Consultation, go back to the drawing board and think of something else. Put yourself in your client’s shoes and come up with something that they can actually use.

Stuck on an offer? Email me at and we can talk about crafting your perfect offer!

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