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Banner ads are one of the original types of online advertising and have been around for a long time. Banners at the tops and bottoms of web pages have been an Internet Marketing staple for many companies, although they are being used less than in the recent past. While there are many options businesses can use when trying to determine the right type of advertising to use, Google suggests that a company not forget about simple banner ads. Despite the bad rap these ads may have, Google proclaims that banner advertising works a lot better for internet marketing purposes than many may think.

Why Banner Ads Work

Internet marketing techniques continue to evolve, just like web design and all other digital technology. Along with this evolution are many newer types of advertising that a company can try; yet there are none as simple and to the point as a banner ad. Google Media Labs, which is the department within Google that plans, places, and buys media for the company, has determined through research on different types of ads that banner advertising is still relevant and in some cases, is even more effective than other types of advertising.

This is especially true with mobile advertising, where a banner on the top or bottom of the screen has been found to be much more effective for developing brand awareness than any other type of ad. Banner advertising is less intrusive, so many viewers actually pay more attention to these ads, rather than simply trying to get past or around them.

The Qualities of Successful Banner Ads

Google says the trick to success with internet marketing from using banner advertising is in developing a creative ad that will really catch the viewer’s attention. Good results come from creative quality and simplicity. Quality banner ads should be compelling and quickly catch the viewer’s attention. They should also be concise enough to relay a quick message and should be easy to understand. Given the fact that banner ads will likely only command a person’s attention for a few seconds at most, these three essential qualities help to ensure that the advertiser’s message gets across.

Designing Great Banner Ads

Creating clear, concise, and compelling banner ads for audiences that have less time and use multiple devices can be challenging, but not impossible. To get the best internet marketing results, banners should include a clear image of the product being offered and clear, uniform text that is easily read. The image could be a photo or an animation; however; there should definitely be a "Call to Action" within the banner, prompting viewer clicks. Banners should also highlight a few key points about the product in easily understood consumer language.

Consistent brand placement is essential; the brand should be plainly visible on the banner. Most importantly, all banner frames should have each of these elements so it can stand alone in providing a full, clear, and concise message as part of an internet marketing tool.

Banner advertising is still quite relevant as part of an internet marketing campaign because of its simplicity and effectiveness on many different devices. Achieving success with banners requires a creative design that is eye-catching, easy to understand, and leaves little question about its message or brand. Before deciding that banner advertising is antiquated, businesses might want to reconsider making these ads part of their internet marketing protocol. If it works for Google, it can work for any business!

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