Google’s continual changes to their search algorithms also mean changes to their advertising platform. It was recently announced by Google of some important changes to their AdWords paid advertising platform that will hopefully be beneficial to the businesses using it. With a focus on redesigning AdWords to embraces today’s mobile-friendly online world, businesses can expect an easier way to manage advertising campaigns and improved ways to increase results gained from their paid advertising.

AdWords Redesign

These most recent changes that Google is unrolling for the AdWords platform will not affect the appearance of the ads; the changes were specifically designed to help business users actually use AdWords better. This platform has already been redesigned for AdWords users to eliminate the right side text ads, so all ads now appear within the main SERPs column. Google has also taken into consideration that ad viewers and advertisers both use mobile devices. These changes allow businesses to more easily manage their ad campaigns from mobile device while on the move.

Paid Advertising Help

The simpler, more user-friendly AdWords interface should help businesses using paid advertising on Google more efficiently manage and optimize their advertising campaigns. Along with line, Google is also fine tuning their data reporting and monitoring tools to assist mobile users in the creation of effective ad campaigns.

Google has also stated that other than a simpler, more refreshing look to the AdWords interface and a more streamlined access to data tools, everything else is remaining the same. Business users should only see improvement in their use of AdWords and a more efficient way to manage their paid advertising. No other changes to the way in which ads are presented or how the platform functions have been made.

Along with recent changes to how Google’s SERPs will display AdWords promotions, Google is continuing to improve user experience for businesses that use paid advertising by offering an easier AdWords platform. By making AdWords more manageable from mobile devices, Google hopes these changes will allow businesses to more effectively control their advertising campaigns!

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