SEO is big business today - and getting the best SEO is not inexpensive! It involves hiring the best SEO consultants and then listening to their advice. Yet even the greatest SEO specialist cannot always obtain the best results, especially if the web design does not support any SEO efforts. The good news is that most of the things that prevent a website from gaining good page rank are easily remedied. For the most effective search engine optimization, be sure to avoid the common web design mistakes referenced below.

Poor Visual Design

When visually defective website will be ineffective. The features that can create a poor web design range from  using a certain typeface or font size that is not readable to clashing colors that don't portray the intended message. Site layout, design elements, whitespace, images, and media all lend to visual design. When that design is unappealing or uninviting, people click off. The best SEO consultants know current layout styles and how to get the best effect using type, color, and media to create the most attractive and useful web design.

Poor Navigation and Site Functionality

A website with overly complex navigation, or elements that do not work correctly, is an immediate turn-off that is costly to a business. When users cannot get where they want to go or do what they want to do because navigation does not work or function properly, they will click off. Most people don’t spend the time trying to figure out how to get from Point A to Point B if it requires more than a few seconds of thought. Navigation, and everything else about a website, must be clear and uncomplicated. This includes having direct calls to action, and other directives, to guide a user through the website.

Failure to Understand Target Audiences

Different audiences have different requirements. Therefore, it is essential to understand the target audience. Based on these viewers, a designer must carefully choose everything from layout and function to colors usage and type size. Content will also depend on the desired user, so understanding target audiences and how to serve them definitely affects a website's SEO.

Lack of High Quality Website Content

Lack of great content and good SEO are two web design aspects that will never change. If anything, they only become more important. Delivering quality content must be the main function of any website, as it is this quality that both users and Google use to determine website importance. Providing valuable content to the target audience is essential in gaining success with any SEO campaign. This is what keeps a viewer on the site after SEO has helped them find it in the first place. Good keyword research, selection, and implementation is an essential part, as keywords are still a main element - even if the best way to use them constantly changes.

Failure to Test Websites on Different Devices

Today’s websites must work on all devices, or efforts spent on SEO are wasted. Google reports that over 50 percent of web traffic now comes from mobile devices. So a website that does not function correctly when viewed on different sized screens is counterproductive. With Google now giving priority to mobile-friendly sites, a web designer must use responsive design that works on any device.

Whether a business handles their own SEO, or hires the best SEO consultants, there are some basic design ideas that will always remain and should form the basis of every well-designed site. Bypassing something as basic as good content will eventually damage any good web design that helps search engine optimization and drives traffic to the site to create conversions. Since one cannot exist without the other, it is imperative to ensure web design mistakes do not unintentionally sabotage SEO efforts!

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