It seems there is a never-ending flux of information on how to get the best SEO, with new ideas popping up every day. New, more effective techniques are always important; however, before considering any, it is essential an SEO company start out with tried and true ranking strategies already proven to work. By starting out with such techniques, while considering new and different methods, any top-rated SEO company can gain the best ranking results possible for client websites.

Be SEO Friendly

SEO friendliness begins with having a site URL and page URLs that are easy for visitors to remember and also short, so indexers can find them faster. Make page URLs keyword-rich, avoiding URLs that include codes and numbers for search engine optimization. Create a relevant title tag that starts with a major keyword.

Know Effective Keyword Use

Keywords are important in more than just content, so understand how to use them effectively. This includes title tags, headlines, alt-text for media, page URLs, navigation, sitemaps, and any other appropriate place to use keywords. Be sure to use keywords within the first 100 and last 100 words in copy.

Use Multimedia – Carefully

Many SEO experts recommend avoiding most multimedia; however, the truth is that it is important in generating and holding attention as well as providing valuable information. Be sure to use media that is optimized for easy viewing, contains keywords in alt-text, and is responsive and easily viewed on any device.

Use Meta and Header Tags

Along with SEO-friendly URLs, making efficient use of meta tags and header tags in copy is essential and often missed. By using meta and header tags, website designers help Google more easily and quickly find and analyze both a website and its content. Use modifiers in title text to increase ranking with long-tailed keywords.

Share Socially

Every website should have associated social media pages. Activate social sharing buttons on every website and link to those pages; remove any social links not being used. Keep these and other outgoing links active.

Keep Websites Efficient

Monitor website loading speed as well as bounce-back rates and resolve any issues to keep the website functioning smoothly. Monitor dwell time and take steps to increase it by decreasing bounce-backs and slow loading. The goal is to bring people to a website and encourage them to stay.

Have Quality Optimized Content

Google likes relevant, important content that is grammatically and functionally correct, makes good use of regular and LSI keywords, and is of sufficient length to be informative. Longer content is better than shorter, as it keeps viewers on a page longer. Great content helps websites attract incoming links, which is a sign of approval that Google notes. The best organic SEO will include correct header tags, optimized media, and internal links.

Internal, Incoming, and Outgoing Links

All links are important. Use internal links from page to page to link relevant information, generate outgoing links by posting information on social pages, and link to other relevant websites. Attract incoming links with quality content that other websites seek.

These SEO techniques should be well known to a professional web development company and continue to be used. Always start out by using these important, timeless techniques for improved website ranking, then move on to troubleshoot, and incorporate more detailed and specific methods to improve SEO as necessary!

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