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Keywords are a staple of SEO and have been since its inception. Yet not all keywords are created equal and using the right keywords definitely makes a difference. SEO services must understand that some keywords hold more weight than others as useful keywords that can be optimized. When designing effective SEO strategies, an SEO company must consider different types of keywords and how to utilize them for improved optimization. The following keyword categories can be helpful in bringing the right traffic to a website and improve overall page performance.

Market and Customer Defining Keywords

The main keywords and phrases used when searching online are either market defining or customer defining keywords. Market defining keywords are the words and phrases that customers use to search for something specific. Customer defining keywords are those that customers use to describe or define themselves. Both of these are important concepts for SEO services to understand, since there are so many options for both of these keyword categories. Through research and experimentation, SEO companies must determine which market defining and customer defining keywords apply to their needs and strive to choose the best ones.

Product and Vertical Keywords

Product keywords and phrases are those that describe specific products in a variety of ways. Vertical keywords are keywords that are related to the main product or idea. There are many ways to search for different products, so every SEO company must know the ways in which customers may do this. Vertical related keywords are not actually similar keywords to the main product keywords, but they are related by topic. By including the right vertically-related keywords, a company offering SEO services can make pages more relevant overall to their inclusive topic, as well as tap into similar and related niches.

Geotargeted Keywords

Local search is extremely important for many businesses, with as much as 50 percent of local business now coming from locally targeted Google searches. Therefore, including geotargeted keywords is a must today, at least for any business that may have any type of local customer base. Inclusion of geotargeted keywords helps to ensure that local business websites are visible to those searching within their area, even if they do not specifically use a location in their search query.

Industry Keywords

Leading, accepted industry keywords are also important keywords for attracting viewers and customers. Keywords and phrases used within an industry as a whole should be considered important in order to add credibility to a website and make that site more searchable. Keywords used by respected individuals, organizations, and other thought leaders within an industry may hold even more value and create a connection to those leaders. Important industry keywords can help increase exposure by making pages more visible to those who are actually knowledgeable enough to search those terms.

Choosing the right keywords is never easy, something any experienced SEO company understands. To simplify the process, SEO services should consider these various categories of keywords and do their research to determine the best options within these groups. People search online based on ideas and phrases that mean something to them or somehow relate to their search topic. SEO services that can uncover more preferable keywords and phrases in these different categories can improve keyword optimization and effectiveness by using them!

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