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As the internet has gone increasingly mobile, it has left SEM services once again questioning the best ways to reach audiences. Visual ads on mobile devices simply do not have the same impact as they do on other devices, as many internet marketing firms have learned. This has led to experimentation with a variety of ads that can be used on mobile phones and tablets. Great promise has been shown with video ads, which are becoming the next important tool for SEM services catering to mobile audiences.

Video Ads Are Better for Mobile

Based on when and how mobile phones are used, it is necessary to redefine advertising that can reach the right people and make the right impression. There is no good placement on a smartphone screen for regular visual display ads, which has created a challenge for SEM services. While there has been some success with banner and interstitial ads, more companies are finding success using video. Studies have shown that video ads gain more attention than other types of mobile ads. The best way to create a successful mobile video ad is to produce an ad that will stand out and be memorable.

Advertisers Become Storytellers with Mobile Video Ads

Video has become an increasingly popular and successful ad medium for internet marketing to mobile users. Yet not just any video will gain attention, as Google has discovered in an experiment performed to gauge user reaction to video advertising. The results of this experiment showed that video advertising could be an extremely useful ad tool for SEM services; however, the type of ad mattered more than any other detail.

What Google is saying is that brands saw a greater and more positive response to video ads that were entertaining and told some kind of story. Video length was found to have less significance than anticipated with things such as view numbers and brand recall. What made the most difference was the entertainment factor, even in longer video ads that did not focus specifically on a brand or product yet included the brand or product.

Advertising to sell something does not work on mobile nearly as well as storytelling. Turning ads into stories for viewers to watch and engage with generates a greater, more positive response. According to this experiment, mobile video ads performed differently in internet marketing than video ads on other platforms.

What This Means for Mobile Advertisers

Based on findings from Google’s video ad experiment as well as the data collected from current video ads, many internet marketing experts have seen this trend. It has become clear that video storytelling is becoming the next best advertising tool for mobile. This will require brands to invest more into their advertising campaigns to develop quality video stories; however, these ads are getting more views, viewers are engaging longer, and companies are experiencing increased brand awareness and overall recognition. Even though these video ads are not designed to specifically sell a product, companies are seeing increased sales and more effective internet marketing through brand awareness.

This new concept in video advertising for mobile is just in its infancy; so far it seems Google is on the right track with this idea. Video storytelling can turn advertising into an engaging, entertaining tale and prove to be a more effective marketing tool for mobile SEM services. For companies looking to get ahead of the crowd and become more prominent to mobile audiences, video advertising could be just the thing to improve mobile internet marketing strategies!

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