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The internet has a love-hate relationship with pop-up ads. The hate may seem obvious, stemming from the many users that complain about them and some government agencies have even begun restricting the use of these advertisements. The love, however, comes from any internet marketing company that manages to successfully use these ads to grow their conversions. The point is, when used correctly in SEM (or search engine marketing), pop-up and hover ads can actually be successful without annoying the viewer.

Why Do People Hate Pop-Up and Hover Ads?

The main reason why pop-up ads that open a new browser window over an existing one and hover ads that open a box over the content on the current browser window are generally found to be so annoying by so many people is because they are used incorrectly. They are frequently used to advertise the wrong products in front of the wrong people. As a result; they are often associated with spam, resulting in viewers clicking them closed before they reading them. Even worse, they sometimes drive viewers completely off a website completely.

Websites with pop-up and hover ads that advertise products or services completely unrelated and unimportant to what the viewer wants are unfortunately all too common. There are also pop-up ads that will not close or are hard to close; hover ads that stay open too long; and ads that otherwise interfere with a viewer’s ability to actually use the website. In these and many other cases, pop-up and hover ads do more damage than good within a marketing plan.

Making Pop-Up Ads Work

The trick to using pop-up ads in ways that actually benefit SEM is knowing the most appropriate uses for them. Pop-up and hover ads should not be used to advertise something; they should be used to give something away. When used in this manner, viewers are more tolerant of the presence of these ad spots and an internet marketing company using them may often see positive results.

The most beneficial and least intrusive uses of pop-up ads are those used for three things: email sign-ups, coupon or discount offers, and free content downloads. In all three of these situations, the viewer is being offered something for free and is not being harassed about an unwanted product or service. Naturally, it is important that any downloads or discounts be relevant to the website and what the user wants; however, most viewers are much less bothered by these kind of pop-up ads when used as an SEM tool.

Benefiting with Pop-Ups

By limiting pop-ups to the three types referenced above, an internet marketing company can improve the conversions of a business. A discount or coupon is a great motivator to encourage customers to make a purchase. Those who download relevant media or sign up for a website’s email list could become future conversions after learning more about the products or services being offered. Yet in all three cases, companies gain valuable information, add another name to their email list, and even gain a new customer.

The moral of this story is that when poorly used, pop-up and hover ads can do more harm than good. Pop-ups are often annoying, disruptive, and can affect a company’s reputation, driving away the very customers that SEM struggles to bring in. When used more advantageously, pop-ups can actually offer benefits to both website visitors and website owners. An internet marketing company looking to benefit by using pop-up ads must use them very carefully and for the right purposes in order to gain these benefits!

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