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Crawl ratio is a little known, yet very important term relating to web crawling and good SEO. Companies what offer SEO services must understand about crawl ratio in order to increase a users ability to search large websites, such as e-commerce sites, and reduce the number of web pages that are completely ignored by web crawlers. The Internet is limitless, so it is just not possible for search engines to crawl every existing page. As a result, many pages are never even seen. To improve SEO and increase website recognition, an SEO company must improve crawl ratios to make pages more visible in the search results.

What Is Crawl Ratio?

Crawl ratio is the ratio of pages on a website that are crawled by Google’s web crawlers or spiders versus those pages that are not. Every SEO company knows that the very basics of seeing website pages in the SERPs involves that page being crawled and indexed. Unfortunately, not every page on the Internet gets crawled because search engines have what is called a “crawl budget” that basically applies a limit to the time and resources spent on crawling pages, which will leave some pages uncrawled.

Why Is Crawl Ratio Important for SEO?

The higher a site’s crawl ratio, the more of its pages that are being crawled. Most websites, especially large ones with extensive content such as e-commerce websites, have a significant number of pages that are not crawled. This means the content on these undiscovered pages is not going to show up in the SERPs after a search for a product or topic, even if the exact product exists on that website.

Regardless of how well a web page is put together, optimization will not help unless it gets crawled. Any businesses with large websites must determine their crawl ratio, then work with an experienced SEO company that provides effective SEO services to improve that ratio. Only when a page is crawled will a business rank  high in the SERPs.

How Can Crawl Ratio Be Increased?

The object in improving a web page or website crawl ratio is to increase the number of ways a page can be crawled. Yet maximizing the crawl ratio can be a time-consuming effort, unless it is prioritized. This process should begin with determining which pages are being crawled and which are not. This can be accomplished either with SEO analytic tools or by analyzing page traffic and other details. An SEO company can look at ways to increase the likelihood that a page will be crawled by doing the following:

  • Improving navigation to non-crawled pages
  • Increasing the number of links to specific product pages
  • Reducing page depth
  • Checking to ensure that all title tags and H1 tags are properly set

By improving these things, most websites will experience an increased crawl ratio and improved website traffic, most notably to these specific pages.

By using the methods referenced above, an SEO company can improve crawl ratio for larger websites and increase the number of pages being indexed by spiders. Crawl ratio is an important factor that SEO services should investigate before expending any time and resources trying to determine other ways to get better traffic on low traffic pages. Unless these pages are properly set up to be easily crawled, even the best optimization will not help. With an improved crawl ratio, businesses can have both improved traffic and product sales!

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