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There are a number of ways for businesses to gain successful search engine visibility, including paid advertising in Google’s SERPs. Pay per click advertising is one such method that can complement regular SEO and other marketing strategies. While it is true that visits through organic search are preferred, it is definitely more difficult to obtain. PPC services help many businesses improve their visibility for a relatively low cost, especially when considering the many advantages.

Only Pay for Clicks Generated

The best part about pay per click advertising is that it is affordable, unlike other ads that charge per view. PPC ads only cost an advertiser when an interested viewer actually clicks the ad to learn more about the product or service being offered. This allows businesses to actually see who is clicking on the links and track results based on those clicks, rather than surmising that viewers are seeing an ad and wondering about its effectiveness.

Efficient Ad Targeting

Like other types of advertising, PPC ads can be carefully targeted for viewing by the most relevant audiences of people most likely to click. This is especially useful for local and device-specific targeting. Combined with affordability, PPC services give advertisers complete control of ad campaigns and the ability to adjust as necessary to reach the right viewers.

Easier to Monitor Results

Unlike organic searches and other types of advertising, pay per click advertising offers almost immediate results, allowing a company to monitor campaigns from the first day. It can take months to see the results of organic search SEO or changes to campaigns. With PPC, it is very easy to monitor ad campaign results, make any necessary changes, then monitor the effect of the changes within a very short time.

Control Over Advertising Budgets

Besides the positive fact of paying only when someone clicks, pay per click advertising also gives the advertiser total control over the amount of money being spent on advertising. Businesses can set budgets and daily spending caps for their ads so they never go over the amount allotted for their PPC campaigns.

Helps to Direct Marketing Efforts

One other important benefit that can be obtained with PPC services is the ability to monitor for other potential target audiences, then quickly and inexpensively test them. By monitoring who is actually clicking PPC ads, many businesses uncover additional unknown markets. By using ad targeting, they can inexpensively test such markets to determine if they might be profitable to include with other marketing efforts.

With pay per click advertising, businesses not only get first page exposure in the SERPs for their targeted audiences; they can also learn more about their audiences. PPC services are affordable, editable and controllable, and can serve as an effective way for a business to experiment with ad targeting and various ad campaigns. For larger brands and a business that wants to high visibility in the SERPs, PPC is a great addition to other marketing efforts!

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